Fischer-Z - Stream

Fischer-Z - Stream
Release Date:
New Wave, Punk/New Wave

Not knowing what to expect next, FZ returned to form with this fine album that mixed a rougher edge with Destination Paradise's softer edge.

Leading the album off with "Jesus Give Me Back My Life" was a mistake, though, with its standard rock clichés. "Dream Wedding," a prime FZ track, came next and led the album down the right path. "Protection," "Big Man Buddha," "You Never Cross the Same River Twice" and "Stream of Unconscious" dipped into the brilliance of Destination and added more warmth. Co-producer Pete Glennister (the Hitmen, Kirsty MacColl) adds more sonic space to Watts' brilliant songs, enhancing the listening experience. Now that they were back on track, Watts chose to lay the FZ name to rest again and pursue a solo career as JM Watts.

Jesus Give Me Back My LifFischer-Z
Dream WeddingFischer-Z
Big Man BuddhaFischer-Z
Buffalo HeartFischer-Z
Stream of UnconsciousFischer-Z
You Never Cross the SameFischer-Z
Magic MoonFischer-Z
No StringsFischer-Z
Goldrush TownFischer-Z
Here and NowFischer-Z

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