Club Nouveau - Share Your Love: The Ballad Collection

Club Nouveau - Share Your Love: The Ballad Collection
Release Date:
March 16, 2004
Club/Dance, Dance-Pop, Disco, Soul, Urban
Share Your Love: The Ballad Collection

It's hard to imagine that a decent collection of ballads could be squeezed out of a band with only seven charting singles to its credit. Regardless, Share Your Love: The Ballad Collection sticks to its guns, compiling a dozen slow jams from Club Nouveau. It's hardly a fitting representation of the group -- none of the charting singles are here. But it does show that Club Nouveau had a lot more depth than most people give them credit for. Just about every song here is steamy and memorable.

In fact, it's mind-boggling that a few of the cuts didn't scale the top of the charts and become staples on weeknight call-in shows across the U.

S. This makes a perfect companion to Greatest Hits, released in 2001 by Thump. Remarkably, the discs have only two songs in common.

Let Me Go / Denzil Foster / Wes King / Thomas McElroyClub Nouveau4:32
Share Your Love / Chris Dixon / Jay King / C. SmithClub Nouveau5:47
Time / Wes King / Myrna SmithClub Nouveau4:33
Money Can't Buy You Love / Wes KingClub Nouveau5:24
When Will You Come Back to Me / Arvel McClinton III / J KingClub Nouveau4:38
Through These Eyes / J King / Valerie WatsonClub Nouveau4:59
The Pain / J KingClub Nouveau5:00
Walk With Me / Jay King / Darron "Cookie" MooreClub Nouveau5:49
I'm So Sorry / A. King / J KingClub Nouveau5:28
Autumn Breeze / Jay King / Valerie Watson / Hudson YoungClub Nouveau4:55
Mornin' Time / Chris Dixon / Jay King / Flip Kirby / Walter PhillipsClub Nouveau4:09
What Kind of Love / Wes KingClub Nouveau4:45

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