Angela Bofill - The Best of Angela Bofill [Arista]

Angela Bofill - The Best of Angela Bofill [Arista]
Release Date:
August, 1986
The Best of Angela Bofill [Arista]

1986's The Best of Angela Bofill collects the biggest hits and definitive album tracks of her career up to that point, including "I'll Try," "Time to Say Goodbye," and "This Time I'll Be Sweeter." For the most part the collection concentrates on the smooth, soulful ballads with which Bofill made her name, although there are a few of her more up-tempo tracks, like "What I Wouldn't Do (For the Love of You)" and "Let Me Be the One," for variety's sake. Strangely, the collection doesn't include "Too Tough," one of her biggest hits for Arista, opting instead for "Tonight I Give In" from that album. Still, despite the collection's brevity, The Best of Angela Bofill does give a good, concise idea of the sound and songs that made Bofill one of the best urban songstresses of the '70s and '80s.

I Try / Angela BofillAngela Bofill5:37
This Time I'll Be Sweeter / Pat Grant / Gwen GuthrieAngela Bofill4:18
What I Wouldn't Do (For the Love of You) / Jack Perricone / Denise UttAngela Bofill3:30
Still in Love / Derek BrambleAngela Bofill4:57
I'm on Your Side / Angela Bofill / Jeffrey Cohen / Narada Michael WaldenAngela Bofill5:04
Time to Say Goodbye / Angela BofillAngela Bofill5:20
Something About You / John Lewis Parker / Allee Willis / Robert WrightAngela Bofill4:04
Let Me Be the One / Angela Bofill / Alan Palanker / Rick SuchowAngela Bofill3:23
Tonight I Give In / Lana Bogan / Louie SheltonAngela Bofill3:28
Call of the Wild / Wayne Perkins / Richard WolfAngela Bofill5:03
Break It to Me Gently / Doug Frank / Doug JamesAngela Bofill3:53
Angel of the Night / Jim Devlin / Bunny HullAngela Bofill5:02

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