The Five Crowns / The Silhouettes - The Silhouettes Meet The Five Crowns

The Five Crowns / The Silhouettes - The Silhouettes Meet The Five Crowns
Release Date:
September 29, 2009
Doo Wop, Early R&B, Early Pop/Rock
The Silhouettes Meet The Five Crowns

During the early R&B and doo wop era, artists often toured in packages, taking the stage for a quick set of four or five songs, then clearing out of the way for the next act to do their four or five songs, and in some ways, that's what this "meets" series from Collectables feels like, as it combines two complementary acts -- -five songs apiece. This one combines the vocal groups the Silhouettes and the Five Crowns, and the pairing works pretty well, although the whole disc is over in 20 minutes. You're going to hear a song or two or three you like, though, and the series is budget-priced, so it's a trade-off. Call it the briefest of introductions to each artist -- -just like those old package concert tours.

Get a JobThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:51
I Am LonelyThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:38
I Sold My Heart to the JunkmanThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:05
Heading for the PoorhouseThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:25
Bing BongThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:18
You're My InspirationThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:34
Keep It a SecretThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:24
$19.50 BusThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:28
A StarThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes3:00
You Came To MeThe Five Crowns / The Silhouettes2:38

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