Stubborn All-Stars - Open Season

Stubborn All-Stars - Open Season
Recording Date:
April 16, 1994 - June 9, 1995
Release Date:
Alternative/Indie Rock, Dancehall, Ragga, Third Wave Ska Revival
Recording Location:
Coyote Studios, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY; Hermit Village, NY; Quad Studios, New York, NY; Skylab, New York, NY
Open Season

The debut album by the Stubborn All-Stars is head and shoulders above most American ska, thanks to the band's solid grasp of old-fashioned Jamaican ska and bandleader Jeff "King Django" Baker's ability to write great new songs and instrumentals in that old vein ("Laffinatcha," "Rich Morrissey").

There's an unfortunate nasty streak apparent on tracks like "Foolish You" ("I don't need you/I'm using you/I don't love you") and "Laffinatcha," but "Rise to Find You" is genuinely tender, and the instrumentals are all absolutely first-rate. Best of all is "Judge Knotte," a hilarious takeoff on the spoken-word courtroom sketches favored in the old days by Prince Buster and Lee Perry. There's a historical significance to this album, as well: on the title track, a classic lyrical throwdown in the tradition of the great deejay rivalries of late-1960s Kingston, Django issues a blanket challenge to all of his peers. The California-based ska band Hepcat answered later in the year with "Open Season...Is Closed," to which Django subsequently responded with "Hepcat Season." The Stubborn All-Stars' second album (Back with a New Batch) is better, but this one's very good.

Tin Spam / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars3:56
Rich Morrissey / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars3:59
Rise to Find You / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars4:28
Foolish You / J. Baker / El HuseyStubborn All-Stars4:10
Look Away / Jeff BakerStubborn All-Stars3:16
Open Season / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars5:09
Friend / J. Baker / Erkin HuseyStubborn All-Stars3:44
Laffinatcha / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars4:05
Catch That Train / J. Baker / John MayallStubborn All-Stars2:25
Judge Knotte (Lets Ye Be Judged) / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars5:05
Roland Meets Richie / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars3:59
Lieutenant / J. BakerStubborn All-Stars6:47

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