Fred Ones - Fred Ones' Phobia Of Doors: A Collection Of Short Stories

Fred Ones - Fred Ones' Phobia Of Doors: A Collection Of Short Stories
Release Date:
July 20, 2004
Turntablism, Underground Rap
Recording Location:
EV Productions; TME Pro, The Bronx, New York, NY; Trail Mix Studios
Fred Ones' Phobia Of Doors: A Collection Of Short Stories

The refreshing sound Fred Ones adds to the underground is a full one, moodier than the mainstream allows but a sound as well thought out as the ones on the radio. The rappers on his Phobia of Doors -- his first record away from his duties as Sonic Sum's DJ -- are a mixed bag when it comes to skills, varying from serviceable to exciting. With such a long list of names, it may not be a surprise the quality varies.

What is a surprise is how well Ones handles his guest, simply giving M. Sayyid and Creature a phat beat for their vivid tale of gambling while getting busy all over Sinnagi's rapid, heard-it-all-before rap. What keeps the album from being a home run is that all these upstarts have too much to prove and they could stand to learn a lesson from Rise & Shine and Seraphim, who actually seem to be interacting with Ones.

Their "ManMade " is the all-over-the-place highlight of the album, with Ones bouncing between robo-electro, horn sections that trip down stairs, and Italian horror soundtracks. Wish all the rappers could have such great dialog with the producer -- his name is on the cover after all -- but Hanger 18 almost do on "Evolve." Slug's track is very good and everything else is more than passable. There's the title and the door noises that open and close the album, but none of the rappers seem concerned about the door-phobia concept. It's just one of the head-scratchers on an album that's very good but too scattershot to be classic. There's a better showcase in the future for this smart and deep producer; you can just feel it. Better give Phobia of Doors some attention now before the real deal comes and you have to play catch-up.

Phobia IntroFred Ones feat: Akbar2:48
Rush CowboyFred Ones3:27
The Same StillFred Ones feat: Creature / M. Sayyid3:15
TestFred Ones3:53
The Puppet MC.Fred Ones feat: L.I.F.E. Long4:25
Future IntrldFred Ones0:32
As Seen ByFred Ones feat: Blowout2:57
Man MadeFred Ones3:39
Evolve / Tim BakerFred Ones3:12
2087Fred Ones feat: Yazeed4:40
DSK IntrldFred Ones0:30
VirusesFred Ones3:48
One Last StabFred Ones feat: Rob Sonic2:39
Some SeedsFred Ones feat: Vast Aire3:39
Sex and MoreFred Ones4:08
OutroFred Ones1:23
[Untitled Track]Fred Ones3:45

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