Jay Soul - Sitting on My Funk

Jay Soul - Sitting on My Funk
Release Date:
Contemporary R&B, Neo-Soul, Soul
Sitting on My Funk
Tears InsideJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty4:51
Ex-ChangeJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty3:54
Night & DayJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty3:42
I Just WantJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty4:07
Know You BetterJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty4:27
StrengthJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty3:52
Is Doesn't Have to BeJay Soul feat: 9-Fifty4:57
HappyJay Soul feat: Freamon / IllCuzzinFam4:43
LifeJay Soul feat: IllCuzzinFam4:26
Zus & ZoJay Soul feat: IllCuzzinFam / Reba4:02
Mango JuizeJay Soul feat: IllCuzzinFam / Neek1:55
Dirty SilkJay Soul feat: IllCuzzinFam / Toddler1:53
72 Ruff Ave.Jay Soul feat: Groove Architect2:05
Watch Out!Jay Soul feat: Groove Architect1:12
Itz All AboutJay Soul feat: Groove Architect2:06
Anna LiesJay Soul feat: Groove Architect1:00
Street ConcertoJay Soul feat: Groove Architect1:45
Night VizJay Soul feat: Groove Architect2:39
Keyz VillageJay Soul feat: Groove Architect1:05
Keep GoingJay Soul feat: Groove Architect0:58
Zillion NightsJay Soul feat: Mr. Windmill4:47
Woofer Test-Step 2Jay Soul feat: Mr. Windmill1:03
Sittin' on My FunkJay Soul feat: Mr. Windmill4:45
Best TingzJay Soul feat: Mr. Windmill4:59
Fields & Co.Jay Soul feat: Mr. Windmill1:23

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