The Thermals - Live at the Echoplex December 7th, 2007

The Thermals - Live at the Echoplex December 7th, 2007
Recording Date:
December 7, 2007
Release Date:
June 10, 2008
Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Recording Location:
The Echoplex
Live at the Echoplex December 7th, 2007

A refreshing torchbearer for punk’s DIY ethos, Portland, Oregon’s the Thermals first made their mark by touring like crazy, and their hook-happy, politically charged lo-fi indie-punk comes across particularly strong on stage. So this live-from-L.A. document of tracks from their first three recordings--MORE PARTS PER MILLION, F**KIN’ A, and THE BODY, THE BLOOD, THE MACHINE--is a vital compilation of what rabidly captured indie audiences all across the world.

The catchiest cuts from their respective albums (MILLIONS’ “No Culture Icons,” A’s “A Stare Like Yours,” and THE BODY’s “A Pillar Of Salt”) are, likewise, the most gratifying when given this extra boost of gusto. Some less-than-smoothly-edited song segues aside, there’s little that gets lost in the translation from the Echoplex pulpit to stereo speakers, including the humble between-song banter that made this trio a band of the people from the beginning. This is essential listening for anyone who misses the compressed, melodic adrenaline of early Superchunk but feels a bit too old these days to be sweating it out in the pogo pit.

No Culture Icons / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:41
I Might Need You to Kill / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:05
An Ear for Baby / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:36
A Stare Like Yours / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:01
End to Begin / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:56
Here's Your Future / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:32
St. Rosa and the Swallows / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:44
Overgrown, Overblown! / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:01
A Passing Feeling / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:03
How We Know / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:15
I Hold the Sound / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:11
Back to the Sea / The ThermalsThe Thermals4:29
Power Doesn't Run on Nothing / The ThermalsThe Thermals5:36
Back to Gray / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:19
God and Country / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:24
Returning to the Fold / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:26
Everything Thermals / The ThermalsThe Thermals1:24
A Pillar of Salt / The ThermalsThe Thermals3:15
/ The ThermalsThe Thermals1:28
Time to Lose / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:15
Big Dipper / Built to SpillThe Thermals3:50
It's Trivia / The ThermalsThe Thermals2:26

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