Caterpillar Tracks - Scrape the Summer

Caterpillar Tracks - Scrape the Summer
Release Date:
October 30, 2007
Recording Location:
Candyland Studio, Cincinnati, OH
Scrape the Summer

Three years passed since this Cincinnati outfit's debut LP (the first Phratry record, often compared to Haymarket Riot), but other than lineup turnover, Caterpillar Tracks have continued on the same path. They still play loud, edgy, angular punk, emo, noise, and post-punk that takes slabs of what Rites of Spring and then Fugazi were up to in the Dischord later ‘80s (cold-and-angry-then-shouting monotone vocals in particular) and the Chicago ‘90s Touch & Go sound (this is mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac) and update it for the ‘90s style of bands like Rocket from the Crypt, June of '44, and Bluetip. It's ground that's been covered a lot, but when it rocks this hard and tight, it's hard to whine. And they're so explosive, they include the sounds of bombs going off.

It's Scientific, GoddamnCaterpillar Tracks3:34
How Secure, SecureCaterpillar Tracks3:05
Oh Middle BrowCaterpillar Tracks2:34
Slippery SlopeCaterpillar Tracks3:05
Midnight at the Taser BingoCaterpillar Tracks6:30

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