Lola & the Red Hots - The Red Album

Lola & the Red Hots - The Red Album
Release Date:
October 26, 2003
The Red Album
Tribe IntroLola & the Red Hots0:26
Back in BlackLola & the Red Hots4:02
Revolution (Take 1)Lola & the Red Hots0:17
Never Been to SpainLola & the Red Hots4:28
Revolution (Take 2)Lola & the Red Hots3:01
Can't Get Next to YouLola & the Red Hots5:06
Mercedes BenzLola & the Red Hots0:51
Can't Take My Eyes off of YouLola & the Red Hots4:16
Howlin' at MidnightLola & the Red Hots1:40
These Boots Are Made for WalkingLola & the Red Hots4:25
Shine Your Light (Live)Lola & the Red Hots6:36
Politics Polka (Live)Lola & the Red Hots6:40
Tina StoryLola & the Red Hots1:42
Tina TalkLola & the Red Hots1:14
Chains (Live)Lola & the Red Hots6:35
My Love (Live)Lola & the Red Hots5:09
Jaggermeister JingleLola & the Red Hots1:52
American Band (Live)Lola & the Red Hots5:58
Dr. FeelgoodLola & the Red Hots5:27
Tribe OutroLola & the Red Hots0:34

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