Tommy Dorsey - Having Wonderful Time

Tommy Dorsey - Having Wonderful Time
Recording Date:
December 9, 1935 - March 2, 1946
Release Date:
Big Band, Sweet Bands, Swing
Having Wonderful Time

The Clambake Seven was a small Dixieland-oriented group taken out of Tommy Dorsey's big band. Its main period was between 1935 and 1939, although the leader-trombonist occasionally revived the concept in later years. This 16-song LP and has many of the group's finest recordings, all but 1946's "Don't Be a Baby, Baby" dating from 1935-1940. With such hot soloists as trumpeters Sterling Bose, Max Kaminsky, Pee Wee Erwin, and Yank Lawson, clarinetists Joe Dixon and Johnny Mince, tenor saxophonist Bud Freeman and Dorsey, plus many vocals by Edythe Wright, the Clambake Seven can be heard at their best on this program highlighted by "The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round," "At the Codfish Ball," and "When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'." Recommended.

At the Codfish Ball / Sidney Mitchell / Lew PollackTommy Dorsey3:07
Head on My Pillow / Pierre Connor / Fred Norman / Bissel PalmerTommy Dorsey2:50
When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam' / Irving BerlinTommy Dorsey3:13
Sailing at Midnight / Joe Burke / Edgar LeslieTommy Dorsey3:06
The Music Goes 'Round and Around / Eddie Farley / Edward Farley / Red Hodgson / Michael Riley / Mike RileyTommy Dorsey3:20
The Milkman's Matinee / Joe Davis / Paul Denniker / Andy RazafTommy Dorsey3:16
Day I Let You Get Away / Vee Lawnhurst / Tot SeymourTommy Dorsey2:48
Chinatown, My Chinatown / William Jerome / Jean SchwartzTommy Dorsey3:02
Having Wonderful Time (Wish You Were Here) / Fud Livingston / LivingstonTommy Dorsey2:32
Don't Be a Baby, Baby / Buddy Kaye / Howard SteinerTommy Dorsey3:15
All You Want to Do Is Dance / Johnny Burke / Arthur JohnstonTommy Dorsey2:38
Alla en el Rancho Grande / Javier UrangaTommy Dorsey3:07
Am I Dreaming / Joe Davis / Charles DornbergerTommy Dorsey2:28
After You / Sam Coslow / Al SiegelTommy Dorsey3:19
You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby / Johnny Mercer / Harry WarrenTommy Dorsey2:49
Twilight in Turkey / Raymond ScottTommy Dorsey3:17

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