Duke Ellington - The Sophisticated Genius

Duke Ellington - The Sophisticated Genius
Release Date:
June 14, 2005
Standards, Early Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Progressive Jazz
The Sophisticated Genius

This select compilation of 1930s and '40s Duke Ellington highlights his earlier dance band arrangements, as well as the work of talents like trumpeter Cootie Williams, heard here to best effect on "Concerto for Cootie," and saxophonist Ben Webster, who solos delightfully on "Chelsea Bridge."

In a Mellow Tone / Duke Ellington / Milt GablerDuke Ellington3:18
Ko Ko / Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington2:46
Main SternDuke Ellington2:49
Caravan / Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Juan TizolDuke Ellington2:41
Bundle of Blues / Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington3:11
Stompy Jones / Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington3:04
Concerto for CootleDuke Ellington3:22
Perdido / Ervin Drake / Hans Lengsfelder / Juan TizolDuke Ellington3:14
What Am I Here For? / Duke Ellington / Frankie LaineDuke Ellington3:26
Chelsea Bridge / Billy StrayhornDuke Ellington2:51

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