Mithril Duo - Bottom of the Punch Bowl

Mithril Duo - Bottom of the Punch Bowl
Bottom of the Punch Bowl
O' Carolan's Welcome / Turlough O'CarolanMithril Duo2:39
O' Carolan's Quarrel With the Landlady / Turlough O'CarolanMithril Duo4:52
O' Carolan's Favorite Jig / Turlough O'CarolanMithril Duo4:05
Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife / Niel GowMithril Duo4:18
Maids of MitchelstownMithril Duo3:26
The Price of My Pig/Kitty's WeddingMithril Duo3:07
Skye Boat Song (Theme From Outlander)Mithril Duo3:55
Outlander Set: Loch Lomond/Comin' Thro' the Rye/Clean Pease Strae/The High Road to LintonMithril Duo6:12
Song of the Falcon ChiefMithril Duo3:40
Whiskey Set: Ode to Whiskey/One Bottle More/John Jameson / Turlough O'CarolanMithril Duo2:42
Swedish Set: Brudmarsch/Östergötland, barockfavoriten efter Ludvig OlssonMithril Duo4:13
Oswald Set: East Newk O' Fife/Flowers of Edinburgh/Bottom of the Punch Bow / James OswaldMithril Duo4:08
Spootiskerry / Ian BurnsMithril Duo3:53

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