The Ugly Americans - Boom Boom Baby

The Ugly Americans - Boom Boom Baby
Release Date:
May 12, 1998
Rock & Roll
Recording Location:
Arlyn Studio, Austin, TXPedernales Recording Studio, Spicewood, TX; Music Land, Austin, TX
Boom Boom Baby

On their third album, Boom Boom Baby, the Ugly Americans' loose-limbed alt-pop comes into its own.

Emphasizing their funky grooves and fondness for jamming, the band comes up with a fun party record that demonstrates the group's growth as musicians. Their songs aren't really full-fledged songs, they're more like foundations for jams, but as long as the jams are good, it doesn't really matter.

With a little more focus, the Ugly Americans could have both songs and jams, but as it is, the jams are enough.

Boom Boom Baby / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans3:59
Chilly at the Crib / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans5:41
Texas Isn't Big Enough / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans4:18
The Wrong Direction / Bruce Hughes / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans3:29
Hippietown / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans3:52
Big Ole Head / Bruce Hughes / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans3:39
Spacesuit / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans4:08
Dancing at the Foot of Angels / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans4:24
Orlando / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans3:55
One & A Rainbow / Bruce HughesThe Ugly Americans4:30
Fastest Man Alive / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans2:17
Boom Boom Baby / Bob SchneiderThe Ugly Americans4:47

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